Cost Justification & Investment Analysis Expert

I opened my own consulting business when I retired at the end of 2015. My first client was Harley Davidson. I conducted a warranty analysis for them where I compared all of their warranty processes to “best in class.” Since then, I have worked for a number of other companies. I have done many business cases. When a company wants to do a major warranty system overhaul, which may cost millions of dollars, they need to cost-justify the project. In addition to best in class analysis, I also do these cost justification studies or return on investment analysis.

As I have done many of these ROI analyses, I feel that I can get the initial analysis down a critical few questions. I have put these questions into a Survey Monkey survey. If a user answers these few questions, I can very quickly give them an estimate of how much they can save by revamping some or all of their warranty systems. I am calling this new functionality “15 minutes can save you 5 million dollars!”, like the Geico commercial.

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